Ideas Every Day #171 – LinkedIn Profile Consultant

There is power and opportunity in keeping your LinkedIn profile updated and detailed.  That power and opportunity will also continue to increase as more and more organizations and recruiters use LinkedIn to seek out great people. Unfortunately though, keeping your profile up to date can be a bit of a chore.  I’ve tried to think of ways to make this better using automated ways (and 1,2), but I think there’s some more ways to do it too.

What if you could be interviewed by a “LinkedIn Profile Consultant” and then give access to that consultant to update your profile to include all of the right information based on your work experience, past projects, what you’ve learned, and achievements to date.  Your profile is now amazing and when potential partners or organizations go looking for people with your skills, they will find you.

Through a series of conversations you could ensure the consultant had all of the right information, and s/he would then do the actual updating for you.  It’s almost like having your own job agent.

This could open up opportunities for a new type of service by recruitment agencies or out of work HR people as well.  Helping others market themselves professionally, just based on their existing experiences is a nice market.

What else could a live person do to make sure you come off in the best way possible online?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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