Ideas Every Day #169 – City Planner Games

Organizations like Code for America are finding new ways to use tech. to involve residents of an area in the overall government processes affecting that area.  The future quality of life in your local town could depend on its ability to adopt technology.

What if cities, towns or states could use a simple gaming platform to discover the best solutions to their challenges?  Imagine that a town could have its residents participate and vote in designing that city, on an on-going basis almost like a SIM City for real life.

Municipalities could participate by uploading a schematic of their district and annual budget’s/etc. and then it would be open for anyone to design better options.  What would happen if that abandoned lot was turned into a park instead of re-sold commercially.  The platform could model overall property value vs. tax collection increase/decrease in both scenarios based on the response of the actual homeowner’s in that area (would you move if X was placed here vs. a park.)

The platform would be easy to control and include all of the features, game mechanics (rules, incentives, etc) and tools that a a city would have had to create on their own.  The owner of the platform then gets massive amounts of data based on what works on a national level and can incorporate that back into the game engine and sell it to local and national governments.

Most of all, the power to design their own town goes into the hands of the people.  Seems like an interesting proposition.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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