Ideas Every Day #166 – The “Why Am I Here” Score

Yesterday I looked up the websites of 75 different organizations in a particular industry for a small project.  My goal was to look at the sites so I could figure out which of 6 or so different buckets that each of the organizations fell into.  This would help me develop a plan to research the right ones more effectively.

Unfortunately, 65 of the 75 (rough estimate) websites I went to did absolutely nothing in the first 2 clicks (I left each one after two clicks) to tell me 1) what the organization offered, 2) identify any nugget of information that could help me categorize them effectively or 3) help me understand how that organization made money (they were all for-profit ventures).

If you’d like the list of these 65 horribly designed sites just let me know.  The point is though – this is a much bigger problem than you probably think.

Bloated, confusing, jargon-filled mission statements and copywriting on the main pages of a company’s site do nothing to help the new visitor understand anything new about the company or what to do next.

So, (finally getting to the idea portion of today’s Idea Every Day) how about developing a way to quickly asses website (or other media) designs in terms of the consumer/customer/visitor and s/he knowing why s/he happens to be on the site in the first place.

One simple way this could be evaluated is by whether or not someone knows what to do once they land on your homepage.   There’s a ton more, but the overall message is to come up with some kind of generic benchmark (like CTR is a generic benchmark) that helps designers understand if they’re confusing the visitor.

How else could we measure this?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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