Ideas Every Day #162 – Bulk Umbrella Rental for Events

You’re planning your wedding or other outdoor event.  Just as you get closer you realize there is a 50% chance of rain on that day.  All you can wonder is whether or not your guests will end up soaked in the rain, or if they’ll be smart enough to bring an umbrella.

Why not have umbrellas on standby.

  • Log into the rental site
  • Order in protective, re-usable shipping crates of 50 or so umbrellas
  • Have the crate delivered wherever you want it
  • Pop it open if you need it, leave it alone if you don’t
  • Have the guests put the umbrellas back in the crate when you’re done
  • Have USPS or FedEX automatically pick it up based on when the event was scheduled to be over

Seems like it could be a pretty simple process for a huge piece of mind.  Not to mention the wow factor your event will now have because you’ve really thought of everything.

What else could we use this model with?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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