Ideas Every Day #161 – Cube Grenades

Office cubicles, or “cubes” as people call them, are typically boring. Finding fun ways to bring some excitement to your co-worker’s life isn’t easy.

How about Cube Grenades!

I’m not exactly sure what they do yet, but didn’t the name just get your excited enough to figure it out.  Throw one into your co-worker’s cube and see what can happen.  Here’s a start:

  • they blow open with massive amounts of confetti covering your co-worker’s cube.
  • they ‘go off’ with an audible inspirational speech that gets your co-worker fired up for his/her next task.
  • the send out an email killing pulse that disables email for 2 hours (probably easier to do by knocking out all electric devices in the cube)
  • when they explode a huge think how those snakes in a can are stuffed in) inflatable boss pops out giving your co-worker an angry look the rest of the day.
  • it explodes and shoots out a mini bottle of scotch.
  • when it explodes it sends out confetti, but the confetti has answers to typical work problems or thought starters on them and when your co-worker picks up the first one it gives him/her a great starting point for their next action.

What would you make the cube grenade do?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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