Ideas Every Day #160 – The Beeping Lifeguard Chair

Anyway to improve the attentiveness of a lifeguard on a lifeguard stand or station is a good thing.  I randomly ran across an article about a waterpark that uses a certain strategy called “the five minute scanning strategy” (yes, what a creative name.)  The way it reminds all of their lifeguards to be performing the strategy is with an audible bell, which got me thinking.

Why don’t the individual lifeguard chairs on the beach have portable 5 minute beeping mechanisms?

There’s plenty of other stuff you could incorporate into a mobile lifeguard stand unit (like a simple ‘push and auto-alert for backup’ button, so why don’t any of the stands I see along the beaches have something?

What would you want to do to improve the guards at your beach?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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