Ideas Every Day #157 – Better Drywall

Drywall is virtually everywhere in developed parts of the world.  It’s what makes up the largest percentage of walls in homes, offices, and everything in between.  You would think with how amazingly ubiquitous it is there would be non-stop innovation in drywall technology.

Since I can remember putting up my first piece of drywall (I was probably 10), not much has changed.  The biggest thing I’ve seen in recent years are versions that are lighter, soundproof and mold resistant.

How about some new types or features of drywall:

  • impact resistant (don’t you hate when bumps appear on your wall)
  • padded covering (for kid’s play rooms)
  • no dust versions for during construction and cutting (I think they’ve tried this but not perfected it)
  • tongue and groove for tighter fits, maybe eliminating the need for taping seams
  • peel off layers – link a peel off lint brush you can change your walls just by peeling off the top layer of your drywall
  • roll-able (what if you could just unroll it and hang it like wallpaper on bare studs, then spray on a liquid hardener or something that turned it into a rigid wall)

What would you change to make walls better?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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