Ideas Every Day #156 – The Repeat Scanner

I just ‘finally’ finished reading this new book that I was extremely excited about before I started.  I saw posts from many people I respect in the online world about how great the material was and about one of the authors. Unfortunately, as I read it I was overwhelmed by the repeating and restating of the same exact thing over and over and over and over that it completely turned me off to the book and therefore I probably missed some of the good nuggets of info. once they did finally come up.

I understand that many of these types of books use this method of building up the problem first and making sure the reader is ready to accept the metaphorical cure (and no, I’m not telling you the book) but this was absolutely ridiculous.  It was almost 3/4 of the way into the book before the authors said anything new or that wasn’t focused on just restating here is the issue.

OK, enough of that rant:  how about a repeat scanner / filter for books or other written pieces of work that allow a reader to filter out the ‘extra’ or the re-stated parts and just read the points one time per book / article / etc..

This could be a simple way to get more people excited about reading because you could offer a shortened version of the book that appeals to the person wanting the info. but has the perception of not having enough time, or ‘hey, just tell me once and I get it.’

If you don’t think this type of repeat / re-stating happens a lot in many books (in categories like self-help, success, motivation, fitness, finance, etc.) maybe we just need this scanner to show the data.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying every book has to hit the ‘cure’ right up front or that an entire book can’t even be about understanding a problem or situation from different perspectives. I just think that there’s an awful lot of books out there just trying to meet a quota on pages.  Just ask a traditional publisher, after enough drinks.

What else should our scanner do?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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