Ideas Every Day #154 – Traffic Notifications, with Thresholds

Commuting is tough and traffic makes it even worse.  Sites like Waze and Google Maps help, but there is always room for improvement.

In any service I’ve tried I haven’t yet seen the ability to set up a traffic threshold that would alert me as the traffic pattern changed to a certain length of delay.

For instance, I might start out on my way to work hearing from a site, app or the news that one of the roads I take has a 10 minute delay.  Sure, that is great news to help me manage my expectations, and when I hit that 10 minutes, I’m ready.  However, there seems to be no way to set up an automatic alert if that traffic jumped from 10 to 30 or whatever minutes.  Better yet, I’d love to make it so that if any road had a certain delay over a threshold I got some sort of notification (even if set up by something like iftt.)

What other things can we add to traffic services to make commuting even easier (besides having someone from TaskRabbit drive you to work.)

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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