Ideas Every Day #151 – A Better Connected Pen

Similar to the connected shoe idea from #30, how about we take a minute to imagine a better pen.  What if your pen could become the thing you’re checking multiple times per day for information instead of your phone.  Maybe it even helps you navigate your phone too..

Here’s a few things a better connected pen could do:

  • set off a vibration 5 minutes before the end of your current meeting to alert you that you should wrap up
  • have a small display that lists the time, subject and location of your next meeting for the 15 minutes before you have to get there
  • allow you to wake, scroll and click around screens without every having to touch your phone (because grabbing your phone is too obvious in a meeting)
  • include an accelerometer so the pen could act as a joystick type device for apps
  • signal agreement, voting or notify presenters of a question just by pushing a button and getting in the digital queue
  • alert you when you walk away from it, or send you texts about where it is when it’s lost
  • alert you when it’s time to take medication or insulin
  • automatically transmit handwritten notes into electronic form (yes, there are pens that already do that – but not this other stuff)
  • all the above and actually write well
  • be included in any iftt recipe to extend the features well beyond what you thought possible

Those are just a few, what else could you get a better connected pen to do?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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