Ideas Every Day #150 – The Business Trip Bus or RV

I know lots of consultants that travel every week from near their home office to a client site and stay all week near that site.  I’ve also been on plenty of business trips where a whole team was making our way, independently, to a certain location.

What if there was a way to use the travel time more efficiently and effectively by bus-ing together to the destination.  Instead of multiple team members heading out on Monday morning on different plane, train or car routes and finally meeting towards the end of the day at the client you could spend the day in transport to the client while meeting with the team.

Virgin Airlines introduced amenities like full size work tables and 2nd person seating in their international business class flights years ago and it seems as though few people have tried something like that on a more local level.  When the destination the team is going to is within 4-10 hours of driving it could make for a very valuable day of working together around a wifi, coffee and large table equipped RV or bus.  No airline delays, no lost luggage and the reduction of airport anxiety while having face to face time could radically change the rest of the week.

If StartupBus can do it for longer trips, think of what you could do with your business trips.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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