Ideas Every Day #149 – Digital Calendar & Photo Frame

Even in today’s digital age I still notice that a large percentage of people still have traditional 12 month paper calendars hanging in their home and possibly offices.  In many cases these are ‘personalized’ calendars with pictures of their families on each month.  I also notice that tons of homes have those digital photo frames in them as well so it’s obvious people are comfortable with uploading pictures to a digital product.

Why not combine digital photo frames with calendars?  Sure, you’re probably saying this has to be done already or that the digital photo frame you have comes with a calendar feature, but you’d be surprised that in some (quick) research there are basically no products trying to replicate one of those paper calendars digitally.

You could even extend the value of this by making the calendar synch automatically with systems like Google Calendar, iOS Calendars and MS Outlook.  Many people still have those paper calendars b/c they like seeing what’s on a particular day just by a glance – but they’re usually horrible at keeping them updated.

What other features could be built into this?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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