Ideas Every Day #148 – TV Show Tip Catalog

Do you watch TV shows that provide you some sort of tip you’d like to remember?  Whether it’s a cooking show, a home renovation or redecorating show or even a fitness special there are countless hours per day of TV that seek to inform and educate (in some way) and not just entertain.

Similar to a previous post on centralizing a marketplace for these shows, how about building a central catalog of all those tips so that you could reference them any time you needed.

Imagine starting a new project like waterproofing a basement and being able to see every quick tip from every TV show on channels like DIY and HGTV and the people on them like Mike Holmes.  Imagine if you were wanting to make ribs for the first time and could do a quick search to see everything every TV chef ever said about ways to ensure your ribs turned out right.

My grandfather used to say TV rots your brain, and honestly we watch very little if any TV in our house.  However, if we could take out the filler and just access the useful information from shows like the ones mentioned above, I think we could use that TV knowledge to improve our brains.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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