Ideas Every Day #147 – Renovation TV Show Designer Marketplace

Home improvement or renovation TV shows are wildly popular.  Take a look on Pinterest and you can even see that people want to interact and participate in the designs, products and designers from those shows for their own homes.

Why is there still no central solution to consolidating all of the products, contractors, designers, architects and all of the professionals involved in making the end result happen.

Wouldn’t the ability to get an estimate from the designer, carpenter or mason that did the work on the show be great?  Wouldn’t it delight the consumer and the show product sponsors to be able to more easily locate the products on those shows?

It’s already been done with fashion from some mainstream TV shows, let’s use that knowledge to make it easier to dress up our houses.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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2 thoughts on “Ideas Every Day #147 – Renovation TV Show Designer Marketplace

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