Ideas Every Day #144 – Motion Sensor Privacy Windows

I generally like leaving the window blinds open in my house.  One of the main reasons is the hassle of opening and closing them depending on whether it’s day or night and which room it is.  Bathroom window blinds generally are closed because of the nature of what goes on in a bathroom – but wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to keep them open but close them when the room is occupied?

How about windows and/or window blinds that close based on whether or not you’re actually walking by them. There have already been hacks to open/close blinds with light sensors (which I still don’t know why no major manufacturer has integrated this on a general consumer level), so how about putting a motion sensor instead of a light sensor.

Sure, this will help with the bathroom type situation, but it will also be good if you generally want to keep a level of privacy for any room where you’re moving around.

What else could we do to change the way we use blinds?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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