Ideas Every Day #143 – Office Trash Can Notifications

Cleaning crews at large office buildings waste a lot of time going into every office and cubicle to see if there is trash in the trash can that they need to empty out.  In cost cutting moves at some offices the customers have resorted to only collecting trash every few days.  Wasting time, and leaving trash to rot are two things that are completely unnecessary.

How about a way for the trash can to more easily notify the cleaning crew of whether or not it has to be emptied, without the need for the crew to come in and actually look into the can.

Sure, this could be something advanced like bluetooth enabled weight sensors that signal a small LED on the nameplate of the door or a centralized place.  It could also be as simple as a small flag that pops up when trash is in it and making sure the can is always visible from the doorway/hall.   The cleaning crew wouldn’t even have to enter the room in either situation to know whether or not trash was present.

Simple time saving tricks like this can add up to huge savings in the long run.  What other small tips would you have to make office cleaning crews more efficient and effective?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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