Ideas Every Day #142 – Online Competitions for Work on Your House

I hate the hassle and process of having landscapers, plumbers, carpenters, interior designers, architects, and any other type of contractors come to my house to give estimates on getting some work done.  I also get too inspired by all of the TV shows on HGTV and DIY Network and wish there was a way to have designers give me ideas for my specific problem at my house vs. going to sites like Pinterest and just looking at what others have done.  For instance, I am looking for creative options for what to do in my backyard to create more shade while dealing with a multiple elevations of the rear exits. I just can’t find the right solution on my own, and the hassle of scheduling multiple people to come look at the space and offer options is too time consuming.

How about a site where I can just upload a picture of, in this case, the back of my house, a description of the end goal (shade, grilling area), some measurements and some more ‘creative brief’ type information and have professionals from various disciplines (contractors, landscapers, designers, awning salesmen, etc.) submit back rough ideas, estimates and possible solutions.   Then, I could pick the winning concept & professional, work to refine the budget, schedule a ‘final on-site confirmation’, and set the date for the install.  Even if it was something simple like plumbing work I could just take a pic of what I want to do and have plumbers compete online for the job and schedule.

Combine it with a site like Angie’s List and I could even get the references and credibility of who I was hiring automatically.

Anything to make the process of improving a home easier will make it more appealing for homeowner’s to actually improve their home.  What else could we do to refine that process?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane


Update on 5/30 – yesterday’s Springwise newsletter had this pop up CoContest, I swear I didn’t see it before, but glad it’s at least being tried.

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