Ideas Every Day #141 – Student Learning Profiles

Increasing the effectiveness of learning is a major opportunity to improve the entire world. There are many great ideasprograms, leaders and schools working towards making education better for the future but there are many more ideas and opportunities to try and amplify that work.

Here’s a simple one that could improve learning for each and every child.  In the school system I attended for the first 6 levels we stayed in the same classroom all day, for the next 2 levels it was basically a rotation between 3 teachers.  Therefore, each kid in the class spent a lot of time with one specific teacher and the teacher got to know the student closely.  Even through four years of high school my teachers had the opportunity to get to know specifics about each of us in the one or two classes we had with them.

Great teachers recognize that each kid in his/her class may have a different learning style and offer multiple ways of explaining a lesson so that each kid has the opportunity to absorb it in a way that makes most sense for the individual.   Also, over the course of a year that teacher gains very valuable insight into the learning style, ability and many other factors that contribute to a kids performance.

Sure, there are charts and records that each student has on file with the school and teachers fill out info. about each student – but how about a more open and collaborative approach.

What if the child had an online profile, with his/her teachers as contributors through the years that built a profile of the child’s individual learning styles and ways that seem to best breakthrough to understanding different subjects.

This way, when Teacher X finds out that Student B is very visual when it comes to math, then Student B’s parents could learn that, the student’s next year teacher could know that from day 1 and eventually the child could know that him/herself.   Once presented with info. like that it would be easier to link to methods and use styles that related to that student individually, thus accelerating his/her performance.

We’re already tracking tons of useless information through online profiles and websites, why not track learning information and use that to provide resources to help all those involved in educating a child.

What else would you add/do to this type of system?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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