Ideas Every Day #140 – Restaurant Telepresence Dinner Meetings

This one comes from Steve Garguilo, who is no stranger to extensive travel and lots of meetings.

Dinner meetings are frequently a great way to get work done, enjoy a meal, and have some camaraderie with another person or group.  Unfortunately though, dinner meetings means you have to be in person.

Here’s where restaurants can leverage technology to possibly offer a new experience and increase revenue.  Imagine something like Cisco Telepresence Conferencing suites meets global restaurant chain.  Now you can have a dinner meeting with anyone around the world and thanks to the realness of the system you might get some of that same benefit of an actual in-person meeting.

If nothing else, I’m sure for the frequent traveler or mom who wants to eat dinner with her son it would be a nice way for the two to have a good meal together and see each other and talk.

What else could you develop around the remote dinner idea?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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2 thoughts on “Ideas Every Day #140 – Restaurant Telepresence Dinner Meetings

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