Ideas Every Day #139 – The ‘Are We There Yet’ Mileage Countdown

Long road trips with kids can be great, until the 1,000th time you hear those words “are we there yet?

Part of the reason that question is asked so much is that the kid usually has no concept of how long it will be to get where you all want to go.  Why can’t there be a way to have the kid to see the answer in real time like having a mileage counter count down to 0 as the destination gets closer and closer.

Sure, it could be a simple app for older kids that have access to their own device, or even a screen option on the GPS that is in the front of the car that you position for the kids to see too.   It could even be it’s own little LED bar that is being fed from a parent’s app.   Anyway you can show miles to go should work.

Maybe the kid will even learn to count backwards?

How else could you improve the road trip and help manage a child’s expectations all at the same time?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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