Ideas Every Day #137 – Sugar Packet Games

The crayons and fun place mats that many restaurants have on the tables for kids are great to keep them busy, but there are so many more opportunities.  Everything on the table should be a chance to entertain, distract and make the experience more enjoyable, for kids and for adults.

What types of games could you use the sugar packets and their holder for?  I seem to remember Buffalo Wild Wings making a flick football game with their sugar packets.   Why hasn’t anyone else come up with ideas?

Here are some, what are yours?

  • Trivia or picture puzzles on the backside of the packet
  • 2 player Frogger with the place mat and the packets
  • Balancing games w/ a straw

This isn’t to promote the actual sugar packets, but merely to give kids even something else to do at the table.   Help a parent out!

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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