Ideas Every Day #135 – Watch Me Work Videos

I love blogs that do a ‘how I work‘ series or include those questions in interviews.   Hearing and sometimes seeing pictures of how people go about their work, their work spaces, and how they manage their day can be very insightful or even sometimes entertaining.

What if we could expand upon that by incorporating video more effectively into showing others how you work.

Imagine having a full library of videos that basically give a real life view of the Google engineers coding in their system or think about how interesting it could be to see exactly what a doctor sees all day long.   Maybe the videos can be time lapsed or maybe they are the excruciating detail of every second of the day.

Hearing people tell you how they work is one thing, actually watching them work is a whole new level.

Maybe it even turns into a way for people to get trained in exactly the right way to go about performing certain roles.

Put on your Google Glasses and start recording, let’s see how you actually work.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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