Ideas Every Day #130 – The Pacifier Removal Kit

If your child really enjoys his/her pacifier you know how hard it is to try and ween him/her off the pacifier habit.  There are countless tricks of the trade and some people end up just waiting it out but it would be a lot easier if there was a simple, step by step way to get a child to stop using his/her pacifier on his/her own.

How about a 3-step kit that contains a liquid coating you give to the pacifier to make it something that the child decides doesn’t taste good enough to put in his/her mouth anymore.   There are coatings that people put on their fingernails to stop biting them, this leverages that concept.

The 3 levels could be varying degrees of distasteful flavors.  You might want to introduce the horrible taste little by little because if you did it all at once the child just might demand a washed pacifier. Maybe they’re completely different flavors in case your child just happens to like whatever taste it is.  The final product testing will decide what works best.

Throw away the binky.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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