Ideas Every Day #125 – Shoe Baggies

Don’t you hate when your shoes get wet or dirty on those nasty rainy days?

What if shoe designers would design ‘baggies’ that would semi-invisibly wrap the important parts of the shoe as easily as slipping on and off a sock.  When you buy the new shoes you get a certain amount of them and you could always go online and order more.

They wouldn’t be part of the fashion statement of the shoe because they can easily slip on as you made your way from the car through the muddy, wet parking lot.  When you got in the office you’d just slip them off at the door or in your office and throw them away.

Maybe we can prototype it by wrapping cling wrap around our shoes for a test.  Dry feet and clean shoes are always a better way to start the day.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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