Ideas Every Day #121 – The Ticket Map

Did you ever watch a tourist or someone new to the subway system try and navigate the ticket buying and map reading process?   Watch long enough and you’ll see a few steps. First, the person will walk up the map and spend a long period of time surveying it and looking for which station s/he wants (including where their current station is located.  Then, the person will go over to the ticket dispenser and try and find those stations in the ticket system and remember which ones to put in and what they were called.

Why not just combine the map and the ticket process all in one.   Every station has a button, the person either just clicks a destination station’s button and a ticket is printed or can change the station of origin as well.

When the ticket is printed it can even include information about any train/station switching that has to occur for the person too.

What else could we do to make it easier for those less familiar with local transit systems?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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