Ideas Every Day #99 – GPS Route Optimization

Have you ever started driving to somewhere on a regular occasion but you still can’t decide which is the best way?   Do you love the traffic features on your GPS but wish it could do even more?

How about a GPS feature that tracks your routes over time and based on route and time of day could tell you which is the most efficient on average.

On my new commute there are at least 5 possible routes I could take.  I’ve been experimenting with times of days and which routes seem to yield  the least traffic, etc. but can’t keep track of them as closely as I’d like to without putting a clipboard in my car.

Why can’t my GPS track that for me, and report over time.  Even act to some degree like Waze and track it over time for the thousands of people driving those routes and give averages.   I don’t want ‘real-time’, I want time-tested – then alert me if there’s something I need to know real time.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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