Ideas Every Day #98 – The Company Case Study Library

Were you ever looking for a good example of a company in your industry that is known for certain case studies or for exemplifying certain characteristics?   Do you read books, articles or posts and consistently see the same 20 or so companies being talked about in terms of a certain trait (like creativity) and wish there was a way to see more detail or more examples?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a digital library of every case study or example categorized by company, person, trait, or behavior.

I love seeing concrete examples in business books that outline how a particular company or person demonstrates something.  I even like it better when the same case study is presented in two different ways, usually happening in different books.  Imagine if you could query up every written story behind the story of the Four Minute Mile.  No, not just the stuff you’d find on an encyclopedic entry, like Wikipedia, but the text surrounding how every author or speaker has ever used that example and different viewpoint on the story.

How could this also help your research about certain companies or traits you want to learn about?  For instance, I constantly see Pixar represented in books I read on certain topics like creativity.  I’d love it if I could pull up every case study/story about Pixar and how they demonstrate or execute on creativity, with additional filters like book vs. blog vs. speech.

Sure, a lot of this functionality theoretically exists through Google and Wikipedia, but those current solutions and signals in categorizing the data don’t provide the info. in this way. How could we improve on that to build a vast library of resources for this type of educational material.

At the very least – just give us an easier way to find answers to ‘show me every book ever written that mentions ____ and give me enough info. to get the full context around how/why it’s being used.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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