Ideas Every Day #97 – The Profile Picture Finder

You want a better profile picture right?  You also hate searching through pics to find a great one.   Well, iPhoto does that facial recognition thing that allows it to tag photos of people in your photo library.   What if while searching automatically for pictures of you it also presented the best profile pics based on other characteristics it could look for in the photo like size (in comparison to standard profile size ratios), where you seem to be looking (I remember once hearing that profile pics that are looking up and to the left seem to be favored by viewers), facial gesture (smiling vs. sad), and other features (like you’re wearing a tie for that professional profile picture look.)

I’m amazed at how often people change their profile pic.. Maybe this could help speed up the process, or help those people that want to find a better one just to keep forever.

What other things could this feature find in your pictures?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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