Ideas Every Day #95 – The Family-Sourced Book Builder

Did you ever wish you could capture all the stories and sayings and learning or whatever from a family member or someone you interact with all the time (coaches, community members) and have it saved for posterity?  Do you want to find a way to show a loved one how all of their support over the years has influenced and helped you and your family (or teams or community)?

How about an automated way to build a book (or ebook, etc, etc) from the collected stories of everyone who wants to contribute.

Recently I was talking with a friend when he started to recount yet another bit of advice his father has given him over the years that he’s used in many situations.  I started to even point out that based on the stories that my friend has told me, I’ve used his dad’s advice on countless occasions as well.

Then we laid out a plan:

  • Create a Google docs form with easy input like name and “story”
  • Send it to your entire family (except your dad)
  • Have them send it to friends, other community members, or past workers of his/etc..
  • Everyone then takes some time, over the next couple months, to write something about how dad’s advice, stories, etc. has helped or influenced them.   Everything from the quotes he used to say, funny stories, things he’s done that the person writing the story has ‘used’ in some way in their life, etc., etc., etc..
  • Maybe give a space for photo uploads
  • After all the entries are submitted, use an online site like blurb or others to create a book with the stories/etc.
  • Give it to dad for Christmas

Hopefully my friend does this because I guarantee it will be gold and it will have stories in there that everyone can learn from and use (I’ll post it up after Christmas if he does it).  But, you could do it right now and get started on one for your family, company, community, team or whatever.

This is a way to hack this together, how could we automate and market this?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane


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