Ideas Every Day #93 – Walking Down Memory Lane With Google Street View

I love to reminisce every now and again.  The other day I randomly thought about the idea to go to Google, type in the address of the house I grew up in, then use Street View to take a walk around my old neighborhood and ‘visit’ the places I used to hang out like the playground, my grade school, re-live the walk I took to catch the trolley every morning and all kinds of stuff.

Besides being a nice 15 minute jog down memory lane I then thought – hey, how come I couldn’t just email or input a starting point and some ‘destinations’ and have this Street View walk recorded so I can watch it whenever I want.   After a couple years, or when Google updates their views, could I even end up after a few decades with a video that shows the changes in my old neighborhood (or current one) over time.

Yes, street view is sitting there waiting for more ideas to come off of it.  Let’s build.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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