Ideas Every Day #92 – Rap Genius Meets Corporate Annual Report or Presentations

Rap Genius is a brilliant platform (with amazing investors behind it) that allows for the pop-up explanation of any lyric, poem, speech, or just about any form of communication that gets into its platform.  you go to the site, search for a song and when it comes up you can highlight certain lyrics to get explanations of what the actual meaning or back story is to that line.

To that end, I still can’t understand why more Corporations haven’t worked to use this platform or even an internal version to further spread their messages.   Besides Warren Buffet’s amazingly explained Letters to Shareholders in 2012 / 11, why haven’t we seen more Corporate Annual Reports on the site?

Also, how about an internal only version (or extension onto Corporate Intranets) that allows employees to provide pop up explanations that give some simplification, more detail, or even the story behind communications in PowerPoint presentations, announcements, and everything else that gets shared within the Company.

What else could you do with the idea behind the site?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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