Ideas Every Day #91 – The Monday Assistant

Getting your Monday started off right is a great way to ensure that the rest of your week is incredibly effective.  If you can start the right level of momentum on a Monday then you should be able to get even more done by the end of the week.  Plus, considering that most people start out Mondays a little dejected because the weekend’s over, kicking off your Monday in high gear will help set you apart.

So, how can you get Monday started off right?  You need a Monday Assistant.

Maybe you don’t need a virtual assistant all week – but how about someone to go over all your leftovers from the week before, pre-check your schedule and rearrange anything that doesn’t look right, summarize your entire week, give you clear action plans based on what you should be focused on first thing Monday morning, and a ton of other things designed specifically for you – specifically for Monday.

Maybe it’s not even an actual person assisting you, maybe it’s a series of filters and automated reports that you set up to kick off your Monday and set up your week.

The main point is – what assistance could you use on Monday to start the week off with a bang?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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