Ideas Every Day #119 – Cardboard Fort Moving Box Kits

Relocating a home and moving a house full of stuff means using a lot of cardboard boxes. In my case (I’m writing this post on our most recent moving day) I’ve been able to get about 30 boxes handed down from other friends’ previous moves but I still had to buy over 50 or more from Home Depot.

Unfortunately there isn’t many other choices when trying to get enough boxes to move, other than buying them, trying to find someone to take them after your done, or then just recycling them.  Some companies are trying to innovate in this space, like Depaul Box Co who donates the profits from selling boxes to homeless youth (and this and ZippGo), but the area is still ripe for something new.

When I was a kid if we found a refrigerator box in the neighborhood we would be entertained for days.  What if there was a way to purchase moving boxes in kit quantities and each kit had just the right amount of pieces that allowed your kids to build some kind of fort or massive mock vehicle out of those boxes when you were done moving with them.

Think of what your kids could piece together with 100 or so new cardboard boxes in the basement (slides anyone) of backyard and what a great way it could be for them to get to know the neighborhood kids too.  Maybe it’s not even a box kit but even just an instruction manual for forts of moving boxes.

Think outside the box (horrible pun intended.)

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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2 thoughts on “Ideas Every Day #119 – Cardboard Fort Moving Box Kits

  1. Great idea. Love it! This is almost like LEGO kits. You could have different kits for each child – for example, your 10 year old daughter’s boxes could build a “Princess castle”, your son’s could build the “Millenium Falcon”… imagine a parent’s ability to motivate their kids to unpack their boxes – ie. “We can’t build your XYZ, until you unpack your boxes!!!”

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