Ideas Every Day #118 – Solar Screens

Lowering the cost of solar panels is a challenge that many companies are taking up to try and secure their place as the best solar provider.  However, solar panels aren’t for everyone, or everywhere.  When thinking of the residential market we usually see solar panels on rooftops, but what if there was a different way.

How about making the material in your window screens generate solar electricity.  The heat generated in the conductive screen material could generate the power and since the screen thread is circular it would attract sun from many more angles.  The best part would be that since it’s screen material every window of a house could be generating electricity and still allow the homeowner to see outside.

The race to get the better, faster, cheaper solar panel is well underway, but what if it was a race after the wrong form.  What other things might we try to solar-ize and how?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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