Ideas Every Day #117 – Ongoing Domain Auctions

Do you every try and buy a domain name that is already taken.  Sure, there are broker services that supposedly contact the buyer for you and present offers but the process and back and forth is completely sealed.  This lack of transparency and the fact that many people don’t know about this service makes many people give up their domain search before they even try.

What if there was an independent, third party source that managed an ongoing auction process for domain names that were owned.  It would be a never ending style auction where people could go put in their bid and at any point in time a domain owner could agree to that price.  Or, the domain owner could input what s/he/it was willing to part with it for and this price would be publicly available.

Some domain parking services like HugeDomains publicly list the price at which they are willing to sell a domain they have parked.  However, this has room for improvement in those cases the company controls all the info and offers and there is no middle man service for value added services and protection.

What could we do to improve the domain transferring, buying and selling process?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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