Ideas Every Day #114 – The Plug-In Discoverer

Have you ever visited a WordPress based blog or site you like and wondered what plug-in, theme, or add on was powering a certain portion of that blog or site?  I constantly stumble across sites where I’d love to know more about how a certain feature was being implemented (WordPress based or not).

What if you could quickly right click (or even hover) over that particular portion of the page and get the name and info. of the plug-in or back end powering that feature?  If that wasn’t possible, how about putting a site name into a certain search type bar and getting a list of every plug-in / etc. that the site is running.

Sure, doing an ‘inspect element’ on Chrome or looking through the code can give you some hints, but it ends up being a dead end all too often.  Let’s make it easier to discover how great web features are implemented so we can proliferate great tools even more across the web.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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