Ideas Every Day #113 – The Conference or Training Program Resume Blurb

Keeping your resume up to date is an ongoing battle.  Making sure you take the time to adequately, completely and eloquently describe all of your additional non-job role based experiences is one of the main challenges.  For instance, let’s say you participate in a couple month long online training program that significantly increases your skills in a certain area.  Most people forget to update their resume (or online portfolio/etc) with that info. because figuring out how to best describe it is time consuming.

Well, if you run one of those courses, or any training program or even conference for that matter why not do your attendees the favor and pre-write the blurb that they can put on their online portfolios, resumes, and sites like LinkedIn.   The easier your make it to let a person highlight the skills, info. and benefits they’ve gained at your program the more they’ll do the act of then promoting that for you by putting it in their profile.  It’ll also make your attendees feel like they’ve gotten even more out of your program because they’ll be reminded of it every time they see it on their resume or profile.

A simple thing for your to do once as the content/program/conference/training creator that removes a pain in the but, or undone thing for each of your attendees.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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