Ideas Every Day #112 – Take Your Cousins to Work Day

I love that companies have their Annual Take Your Kids to Work Days.  I do sometimes wonder though who else might benefit from getting to see where other work and what they do all day.  Why don’t we start another day where employees could bring in anyone they think could benefit or enjoy seeing that employee work for the day.

I know I would love to go see some of my friends work day first hand to learn more about what they do and their company.  I would love to be able  to bring some of the people I know that are interested in fields I work in, but have no current experience, so that they could be even further inspired to go into these fields.  I think bringing younger cousins or nieces to work might also help them get a feel for what different workplaces are like.

Sure, an employee could probably bring in someone to shadow them for the day and it would be accepted, but having a set aside day for it sets it up in a completely different and better way.  What would happen if you could bring in different people, besides your kids, to show them how amazing your workplace is and get them excited about working there?

What other types of days could we change up for new and exciting outcomes?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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