Ideas Every Day #111 – Neighborhood Based Home Cooking

Making dinner every night is an issue for many people.  However, some people love it and their only issue is that they don’t have enough people to cook for.  Using simple online methods, communities and neighborhoods could coordinate their home cooking and mealtime efforts to help ease the pain for those who hate to or don’t have enough time to cook, and those who can’t stop cooking.

Even imagine if you could start your own home based business by just cooking double what you normally cook for dinner, and dropping it off at your neighbors house.  Almost like an UrbanSitter meets Julia Childs for your neighborhood.

Meal delivery services are starting to pop up more and more but most of them require ordering for a week or re-heating frozen food.  Wouldn’t a much better option be amplifying the culinary expertise of someone on your street?

P.S. – yes, I know there are probably food service issues like health inspections and ‘certified’ kitchen requirements but if we’ve figured out how to share cars and homes, I think we can figure out how to share a meatloaf.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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