Ideas Every Day #110 – Front Yard Neighborhood Gardens

Finding space for community gardens is sometimes tough.  Managing your own garden can also be a pain.  Imagine if you could partner up with others in your neighborhood, share in the work and the rewards of gardens (like all the vegetables you can eat), build a sense of community, and do it all in already existing land that everyone in your neighborhood has access to.

All you have to do is turn your front yard, and the other front yards in your neighborhood, into a garden.  Yes, this only works for neighborhoods where there is at least a small patch of lawn in the front of everyone’s house.  Imagine if every house in your neighborhood would coordinate and plant a different vegetable or fruit that would sustain the needs of at the other houses.   When you were ready to go get fresh vegetables you would walk down your street and pick cucumbers from one house, tomatoes from a 2nd house, the house a couple down could have your potatoes, and the one across the street may have the basil.  The more houses you get involved, the more your neighborhood turns into a self-sustaining supermarket.

The benefit of doing it in the front yard is that you wouldn’t have to wander into your neighbor’s private backyard so everyone would feel more free to share and participate. You could use simple online tools like Google Spreadsheets to track and coordinate what everyone was going to grow and time the expected harvest season based on grow times/etc..  You could even have a little book out in the front where the neighbors that picked from your garden could write down what they took, when and what they were going to use it to make.  You’d be building a neighborhood recipe book at the same time.

Building community while growing healthy food. The neighborhood pot luck dinner just got more exciting.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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