Ideas Every Day #108 – Beg Forgiveness Cards

Getting your team to believe that failure is an option, or that taking prudent risks are OK, is sometimes hard.  Most people in a work environment are trained to believe that things need to work out correctly all the time.

If you’re trying to get your team to live into the phrase ‘beg forgiveness rather than ask permission’ maybe you can help accelerate their adoption of this with “Beg Forgiveness Cards.”

Think of little business card size pieces of paper that simply say something like: “Woops, I messed that up, this is me begging for forgiveness.”

Give out 2 or 3 to your team per year as a way to signal that they have a free pass to try something they may think is risky, even if it does fail.  Maybe even include a line on the back like “and the thing I learned was ______.”   This shows that even when someone messes something up they can learn from it as well.  After a while of collecting the cards you can display them for everyone to see what people learned and increase the overall risk tolerance of your group.

What other types of cards could people at your office use?  What could this little piece of ‘permission’ unlock in your organization?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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