Ideas Every Day #107 – The Parent & Child Meltdown Checklist

What do you do when your kid starts to have a meltdown?

I’ve read just about every parenting book out there (big mistake – but that’s another story) and just tried searching again and it doesn’t seem like there is a definitive, researched, simple checklist for parents and for children during times of potential, or ‘in the middle of a big one,’ meltdown.

This HITS one is nice, and there seem to be some great advice in the billions of words on parenting online, some even focused on parents, but nothing I’ve found seems to address both parties involved in the meltdown in the right way (please share if you have found it).

I know if one of my kids seem to be going into meltdown mode I sometimes (after the fact) realize that I could of done more directed at myself like staying calmer, think of more creative ways to distract (which could be a whole separate checklist, etc.) in order to ease the situation.  There are other times where if I could just remember, because our head gets clouded when it’s meltdown time, some simple things (like HITS, but more) that are more focused on the kids I could help in that respect too.

So, what would you add to the parent or child checklist.  Let’s distill the great research and methods down to simple, easy to use and easy to implement during child meltdown mode checklists.

And no, I don’t think checklists are a magic cure for kids all and that kids shouldn’t experience these things etc., etc., etc., but it sure would be nice.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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