Ideas Every Day #106 – Literary Analytics

Although I haven’t used it nearly as much as I should, I love the Grammarly site.  While it’s a great tool for what it does, I think a service that extended the idea of its features and provided entirely new ones would be very beneficial as well.

What if we could produce as detailed literary analytic reports as we can with things like sales and website analytic reports?

I’d love to be able to run a service on everything I’ve ever written to give me detailed insights into how I write, ultimately so I could improve.  I’d love to see how these insights and patterns could be fleshed out from all the amazing writers in the world to be able to see, based on data, how they write that has helped them get their message or story out in the write way.

What if you could see information like: emotional sentiment graphed across a timeline (time based on pages) of the book, number of times a certain style or technique is used, automatically plotting character mentions and interactions or even number of times the writer used a certain phrase (yes, better than CTRL F).

When you have that data you can then compare different authors, mediums, etc..  The idea isn’t to lose a writer’s personal voice, but to learn from the hidden meaning in the data to ultimately become an even better writer.

What else would you want to be able to know about the written word?

If nothing else, let’s just extend Grammarly’s features to be able to go through an entire blog or all past writing samples in a folder at once and report.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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