Ideas Every Day #105 – Family History Wallpaper

How can you combine decorating a special room/area of the house with personal history and storytelling?  How about the ability to turn your family history, lineage, and/or stories into wallpaper (or even wall decals).

Imagine filling a nursery with the history of the family. As the baby grows up you can use the wallpaper to tell him/her the stories of where s/he came from and what is so special about the family.

I’m not talking long drawn out paragraphs for the stories, how about iconography and patterns or elegant drawings that reflect a certain family milestone.

There’s ways to automate this and see what others in the community have ‘uploaded’ for their milestones as their designs or even an ability to hire designers to interview you and develop even more personalized designs for you.  How could you connect the whole family to build the design together.  It might not end up being used for wallpaper – but the possibilities are endless.

How else could your reflect your family’s history?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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