Ideas Every Day #101 – Hackathons for People

I’ve mentioned before how much I love hackathons (anti-bullying, IRS, Coursework) and what better way to celebrate Ideas Every Day #101 than 101 Hackathon Ideas.

Actually, instead of listing out 101 of those here let’s do that in comments.  In the meantime, here’s the next wave I think would work in hackathon format.

Hackathons for People.

A hackathon for people is where you bring together great people from all walks of life – and your topic is something along the lines of how to help amplify someone in particular’s work, because it’s that great and you want to help it spread, or you try and figure out what a particular person needs and work to deliver that.

The other day as a friend and I were talking about someone in our community that has done a ton of good for other people and has always let his needs or desires take a back seat.  Then the idea started to take shape.  What if we could get all kinds of people together from different expertise areas where he might be able to benefit and work to create outcomes for his long-term benefit.  This isn’t fundraising or anything – this is helping him do what he might not know how to do (build a website, edit a video) or just might have little time to do (and this helps him get momentum.  It’s also about teaching throughout the process so it isn’t just fishing for someone, but teaching to fish also.

It’s almost like Extreme Home Makeover, YC, TechStars, Trading Spaces, the Apprentice and Shark Tank all combine in service of helping someone that deserves it.

Who would you help, who else might want to help them?  Get to it.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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