Ideas Every Day #100 – The GPS Power Song

Did you ever wish that perfect song was playing every time you pulled into your driveway.  How about a special beach or summer song that comes on your car’s stereo just as you pull over that last bridge to the shore.

Let’s add a feature connecting our GPS to our music selection and key up that perfect song just where you want it.

At first this may seem like it would just be something novel that would turn on your power song every time you were 1 mile from the office.   However, what else could location based music/sound control do?  How about safety information beamed automatically to truck drivers entering a stock yard, what about programming it for your kid’s car to send a special message just before they get to school in the morning.  Maybe each state could have a theme song play at its border. Advertising by longitude and latitude. A great way to marry communications and locations.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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