Giving Away Your Skills – The Free Help Guy

Just ran across this guy and I can’t help but think how awesome his next 6 months are going to be.  Say Hi to TheFreeHelpGuy (and @TheFreeHelpGuy).

To a small degree this reminds me of a little fun some friends and I had at SXSW this year with our free problem solving experiment, but TheFreeHelpGuy is taking it to a new awesome level.

I think it’ll be great to watch his progress and even more interesting to see what results after his initial 6 month journey.  My guess is that this great idea is going to lead to lots of great opportunities in the future.

I think it’s a great testament to the power of helping others and free.  The freemium model has been working for many people who give out their content, this is next level of giving of a person’s time.

What’s a new way you could approach free in the service of others or your work?  Also, are you taking enough time to help others?

Good Luck TheFreeHelpGuy,

Matt Kane

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