Solving ‘What Do You Want to Do Today’

On one hand, I love waking up to a free day and all the possibilities and saying ‘OK, what do we want to do today?‘   Also, I firmly believe that at any given moment there are thousands of options as to what someone could be doing at that particular time.  At the same time, I hate it when I try and remember all the things me or me and my family could be doing that day and can’t think of anything great that jumps out.  It’s also worse when later that night I realize we could of done X, but now it’s too late.

There’s a better way.

A couple of years ago I decided to start writing down many of the the things I could possibly do in any given day: places to go, things to watch, people to go see, inside activities, outside activities, things that take hours, things that take under an hour, things close by and even things further away.   After collecting this list and starting to break it up into categories or tags (inside/outside, quick/long, location, etc.) I could pull it out at any moment, and based on what criteria i wanted to view on, choose a whole range of options of things to do.   To me it was lifehacking the question of what do I want to do today.

You’d be surprised how many times I pulled out the list (a big index card w/ small writing at the time) and saw something that I didn’t remember at the moment I was trying to decide.  It became so easy to find options, add to the list, and quickly decide what to do.

It even works with stuff like ‘where do you want to go eat?‘   What if you had a list of every restaurant in your area right in front of you (that was personalized to what you had gone to or put in as desired to go to) when you were trying to make that quick decision.

Yes, this would be good as a site / app (multiple family or friends curating and sharing the list as well, auto-populate options based on check-ins, etc.) or can work as a simple index card too.

Make your decisions easier and faster by putting the options right in front of you.  Start making your list.

Matt Kane

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