Ideas Every Day #89 – Time Lapse Video Reviews & Recommendations

When you’re searching online for various service or trade professionals (like handymen, carpenters, landscapers) wouldn’t you like something a bit more robust than the regular static review.   There are lots of various ways people are sharing reviews of their services/products these days like everything from the standard Amazon Review to ExpoTV, to posting scans of all of the handwritten feedback forms that a company or professional has collected.

Wouldn’t you prefer to actually ‘see’ their work in action.  What if the next generation of ratings and reviews were time lapse recordings of the work being performed.  Now you don’t have to rely on what someone says about the job that was done and any biases – you can watch the work yourself.

I’m in the process of hiring movers.  If I could watch 3 of the last moves, in sped up time lapse, by the companies I’d really see what type of work they do and would feel more confident about which one I hired.

Everything that’s needed to make this happen is easily available.  Transparency in reviews could get whole lot more meaningful.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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