Ideas Every Day #84 – Bracket Business

Having finally had a reason to watch March Madness (my undergrad school made it for the first time in over 20 years and now is in the Sweet 16) and being actually interested in one of the teams going through the tournament I am surprised at the lack of impromptu businesses that don’t exist surrounding people interested in certain teams in the tournament.

I’ve been looking for options of traveling to the games, sitting with fans of my particular team, finding bars or viewing parties for my team’s games, getting good apparel and countless other things that have been a bear to find or don’t exist.   There’s been 1 or 2 random things pop up, but there is absolutely no coordinated, elegant, professionally handled tournament support business.

Sure, I know the license fee would be ridiculous – but there’s a way to support fans without needing to infringe improperly on any other group’s property.

How would you want to be supported if your favorite team was doing great in the tournament?  Do you think that process could apply to every team, every game, all season long?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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